SO YOU SEZ, HRICKO, TEPY BROUGHT IN THE DMT BY BOAT ... INTO HER OWN DOCK. We were splitting the last two of a short pack of Straights. Hricko manoeuvred his 22' cat just west of the sandy tidal channel leading up to Tepy's dock. We could have waded it on our knees. MAYBE SHE BROUGHT IN AN ASPRIN BOTTLE, HRICKO and he dropped the lefty ... then snorted DOCK FEELS A LOT LONGER AND WATER DEEPER WHEN TEPY'S PULLING ON THE END

ARE YOU CRAZY, HRICKO? NO DAMNED WOMAN CAN PULL A DOCK OR STRETCH IT. Ben had teased a red glow from the roach ... NOT THE DAMNED DOCK, NICKY. I DON'T THINK ERLYNE EVERY TOUCHED THE DOCK ... IT WAS THE GODFORSAKEN SWAMP SHE WAS PULLING IN ... and flicked the fizzing roach into festering, eternal salt-grass marsh. It shimmered vengefully, but then I was tired. I could have seen anything, yet now I believe him.