Scorned : narrated by Will Scranton

Ladies and gentlemen - yeoman - all ships at sea and natives of any stripe ... lets go to press ...

Our Big Sur militia camp at Hearst Castle went chaos with the announcement of POTUS Clinton assassination. Hill-bitch eats it, solders said; wasn't a dry eye in a carload. I knew Russian and American Navy Admirals had met on dockside GoFasts to resolve any changes in contact protocols. Nobody knew anything; that's what the Chief Pettys whispered … and I made a telephone call.

Traveling sideways to SanFran took a day. Israeli Kfirs escorted us into Dulles, after the cross-country jaunt. Contact! A smoothly dressed Washington factor; he knows the business. “Why Baltimore, I ask?”

“All water route to DC.” We plunged north in a white Red Cross SUV.

Route I-95 is empty. “Whites get shot in Baltimore.”

“Careless whites also get shot in DC. Most control points are Federal. Either city I stay near the docks.” Kinda like La. I think only opposite.

His small red brick warehouse sits in a double ring of razor-wire. I see two machine-gun posts and inside a pair of IDF silent killers circulate. I get a cot and coffee, before rejoining Sid Ben-Saul in his shabby op-room. “Don't pay you much, do they?”

I know some of the hardware. It's expensive. Red light blinks on my GO-PRO. Ben-Saul has been screwing around, replacing a systems board that says TI in green stencil. But now .. “Here, it's just about …” BUZZZ-CLICK-BVZZZZ

God damned straight it's about time you got here. Bill can't

screw all afternoon like he used to. Did he go for the perv?

Giggle. “Sorry President Clinton. Your husband likes my perv; grateful too like a released rapist! For an old man he does Okey.”

Okey? Fuck!”

A cigarette lighter chuffing static snaps. “Have you played it through?”

“No. Not even no. Yesterday an angel delivered a mem-chip, and after scraping I took the cleanest fragment to work on. Just got the inverse Fourier Transforms normalized this morning. Listen”

Noise of chairs being pushed around. Background shouting, some military commands. Loungers creak, swaying … hear it all. A groan, like bimbos being fucked over a stuffed chair. Amazing how 5/1 sound pulls it through.

“Who snatched it?” Silence. “But, but we're the first,” I whisper, “the first to hear besides those in POTUS Hillary White House office. How long into ...”

“Hush.” Ben-Saul tinkers with frequency spectrum controls. He's got 40 analog channels and they grind him. Now turns from the workbench. “Who would guess a floating 60 Hertz noise spike centered at 1500 Hz”?

SNAP-CRACKLE-POP“Huma! Will the Saudi people arrive this afternoon?”

Prince Fawwaz assured me. Since Israel retook the Sinai and ISIL gunmen roam free south of the Nile, the IDF validates SA landing rights in Regan. Handshakes have been exchanged. ”

And the Chinese expedition? Three planes need to refuel I understand. Huma, will you roll over the walker please? ”

Thanks.” Metal groans.“And what's wrong with La. Lots of our bangerboiz imported there. Cunt Jerry Brown did that for a reason! Or SanFran or Seattle? Can't faggots run a baggage cart? ”

Cart sounds. Staggering footsteps. A mans deep cough. TZAP-PZAT-AZTP … a long silence.“Those airports now belong to the militia?” Another silence TTTS-TTTS-TTTS.

I thought they were only under siege! “

Not after recent militia success. The homosexual community has turned against their pets.”

We're pets?”

I brought vander-Berg to explain this subtle anti-fascist point. Fact remains, Chicom planes are low on fuel and desperate. If they crash or land at a militia post we lose billions … and dozens of deep-plant agent IDs. They need to land at Los Vegas, spit or polish. Otherwise Jian Min will never trust us again.”

Pleasure Madam President. Epstein wanted to join me but he and …TZKAr-TZKA-TZKAr … pressing business on the island. Haha !

Nice cluster-fucking, Žižek. With slobbering fools like you it's hardly worth being hi-mucky-muck POTUS bitch? Is it damn you say something there goes my goddamn head-throb. Shit”

Sorry Ms President.”

Fucking better. Ohhh it hurts.”

“Not that we didn't know, Ben-Saul.” I'm scratching out, tamping down another Camel Straight and the Jew hates it. “Stroke hit her 20 years ago, at her prime wonkdom; blo-jobbing media hid the event.”

“Well known. And once down bitch-Hillary brain stayed down. But, production of social venom shot sky-high!”

Well lick my goose, Hillary.” CRAK-CRAK-CRAK “Boeing 747-8s just aren't that efficient.”

Neither are you, new and efficient. Can we find a replacement Huma?” Sounds of paper shuffling and folders kicked to the floor.“Maybe Levine, here, can do your job, as well as mobilizing Nigger rapists.”

A shrieking curse, hi-dB that had me ripping off headphones. Ben_Saul laughed. “bad is bad, perfect is bad. What'cha hearing now, Scranton?

I heard.“Bill wouldn't do this, Hillary. He had good intentions.”

Negro, Hillary, Negro.”

Ms President I believe .. “Damn, missed that entire sentence, Scranton. They may have a chopper blasting in President Clintons office ...”we few can decide… “ Davids deadly dick it shreds the frequency bands faster than my omega-wrapper can put them back together.”

Oh you want more? Sorry Judith. Slavoj was recruited CLAPR-CLAPR-CLAPr and confuse the Chicoms … er Chinese … and make sure their solidarity unit included a couple of teen bitch gymnasts. Husband Billy so likes to fuck-'em in those tight li'li slant assholes.”

Ben-Saul pushes away his keyboard ... shouting .. shouting ...

“No Judith, you're not slut enough to keep the cat on the porch! Bill Bill Bill he spreads ...”

… hits the ...PAUSE...button and listens. “Huma got that right. Hope she brought in the Marine trained Saudis … what are they called … Allahs Foreskin?” Ben-Saul laughs carefull turning one more click on the gas heater. Spring turned cold in Baltimore, as most everywhere. Some like that. “Once camera-snaps of POTUS Clintons assassination by her Husbands lover got cover … mebby twelve hours after the initial report I called you and flew east on a mixed-message jumbo. HRI needs to hear the actual White House office voice recorder.” I put down my stained notepad. “Real time slaughter sells by the million clicks.”

“Hummm , identifying yourself with HRI. Ever hear of a Napoleon Complex?”

“Yeah, bones come apart before your honor regiment runs.”

Spit into a Folgers coffee can. “ Heard you were mercenary, Scranton. Market to both sides, sell orphans for page-views and don't care what bitch fucks you.”

“Half true.” I drop it.

“How did the ride feel, on that jumbo, surrounded by Federals? Did they threaten to toss you out at 40K feet?”

Ben Saul wasn't all that funny and he ran a channel on Utube; KOASHER KICKS. Competition for HRI some say, among the unrepentant NYC fags. Like in 1776, Manhattan Cosmos blow snot and love the Rule! “Never carry a parachute, Ben-Saul. I traveled as a Jew .. Rabii Jesus and nobody questioned.” I earned the smirk and he turned away. Yet I saw eight wounded militia solders, and none bothered them.”

“Wounded don't count.”

“Neither does voice only. Everybody claims to have continuous video, of the murder but, no hardboil chip. And not you. A Vid-Unit had to be in-place. Maybe the military got paws on it; down-the-hole till the winners need troops to gulag 10,000,000 losers .”

Surprise. “Why do you want Saudis training the Federal chumps?” I smile at his female vid-camer; she almost smiles back. “I filmed raw Federal Postal workers attacking a militia-held swamp. Not two men per-squad returned.” She wears black lipstick; bet she fucks like a mink …

I say. “Marine rifleman doctrine is so screwed … tromp out, set claymores, wait for the badguys and shoot them … an OKey tactic for 1960s Europe. Lost us Viet Nam to the slants, lost us Greece and Wales to the Muzzi-wogs. Not now. our 50-cal and 20-mm snipers will butcher-out the mis-directed banana-bois ASAP. The x64 computer controlled scopes are mated to 6-fod mounts.”

“Heard you spent 3 months in Israel, just after our nukes were destroyed.”



“I've lived in better caves.”

Ben-Saul not anmused. “We fought out of that disaster. Farmers butchered; Sabras slit-throat like the three fates. Fucking French I'd kiss Robespierres asshole; them half-buried like the Italians in Muslim shit sent their cruisers to defend Haifa from Turkish gunboats.”

“Yeah I was there … like American Jewish liberals were not … all the Turkish and English destroyers and rocket-boats got shredded.”

“Who knew the Rafale could beat F-16s and Tornados?” Ben-Saul and his woman staring at me, like lambs stare at a wolf just scared off a bear. “Russians certainly watched the French back door; ISIS bases on the Black Sea got pounded. Doesn't happen often, two of the four Christian nations left in Europe working together. Guess we should count Israel as Christian. Help the militia too, I understand.”

I'm feeling squeezed, by a competitor. “Don't think the militia operate strongly in California alone. True, Russian non-nuclear subs provide militia supplies and ah, support along our left-coast. Funny how they use 1960s models running on liquid oxygen and kerosene. Expecting a betrayal?”

Give something get something. “Support? Ha. I read HRI! Russians sunk two chi.com cruisers and a couple deep-sea fishers off Long Beach, before the LaRaza-rats were starved out.” Ben-Saul Stared up at me. “Nuclear armed, too I guess you knew just supposing China investors decided to pitch-in one of their remaining H-bombs. Didn't help them much at the Ostrov Islands, but unlike the Slav Chinese are gamblers. Their navy is still untouched you know and trouble follows them. So now? Russia again. Support and lots I bet, for the militia with the coming major battle at Big Sur.”


“It's nobodies secret, Will! More aging IBM mainframes have run more simulations of this battle than of Peng Dans orgasms! You'll return not to California, bets a dollar, but to Colorado where militia Agros, Mobsters and light tanks are forming up, before they head west. Bet your galpal is there right now taking names and background vids. ” He hits the PAUSE button again and a clatter of noise descends. “Enough war, eh ?”

A perverse thought hits me, that this 2-nd American Civil War has transmogrified into an international barn dance. We serve the corn. But, I'd reported blood too long. “Sorry pal, like the Nazis say … one more time ...”

... you like whipped butter.”

Love it creamy! Better than jiggaboo rape.”

Enough ladies, women, Ms President we … Christ on a cross Judith, that's not a …ITZSS-ITZSS-ITZSS… palmed from your purse?”

“Did she say revolver?”

“Cluttered up, Scranton, the next exchange got cluttered bits up-and-down. Really fast computers could … wait, here again … AP-BZAP-BZAP-

.... up your nose, bitch, sniff the smoke and weep ! And that's $500 for a hole in the ceiling.”

A carpenter comes with the White House. Huma, can… BATZ-BzlT-BT …and will have General Johnson here to review plans for the Big SUR battle. I've been playing with the militias own software – BATTLE MASTER –- and have some ...”

Imagine that, princess Hillary. You're not worth Bills fuck, you let the dumb-ass nigger militia take over our Mississippi River, but now you're fit to plan battle tactics.”

Princess, I hate that name. Only a beautiful woman can be a princess.”

GJIKK-GJIKK-GJIKK“… a mans eyes only! Oh how I wish ...”

FUCCCCK I am the leader … fem-fags,titty-sags and niggers love me and you will obey my authority! Get on our webmail and send this message.”

Christs cross put away that gun. What the …YWAQe-YWAQe-YWAQe … 25-06-caliber Rugar!”

“Fucking bitch it's over.”

"God no …ברוך אתה ה'א‑לוהינו מלך העולם,דיין האמת. ‏”

Blo-job? I spent seven years in the Navy, giving admirals blo-jobs and I would not have you clean a shit-can or Bills RICHARD!”

Bitch RICHARD, he's MY husband till death ...”

“Judith your one bra size too ..." ….... Satans dick she's shooting,@BZAPP @BZAPP @BZAPP-ZING “….... christ she's shot, Hill, Hill get 911 on the cell” … oh christ the blood.”

Major Toms to ground control. Cat-fight touchdown ...jukSHREIKSHIKRETASKK …“WTF who's that shooting? Is it Levine or Huma?”

Ben, put me through to GeorgeCase-five. Yes dammit five … you call Quattroneand dinner at 7-PM sharp. I've reservations at Blanca.”TZITbika-TZITbika-TZITbi ...

Stop that rawback bitch!” … @BZPAA @BZPAA @BZPAA-ZINGA“… fuck no way not Žižek.”

Scranton, Scranton you know this by the sound. She held the gun right to his head. ברוך אתה ה' א‑לוהינו, מלך העולם, פוקח עורים

Both Hillary and Žižek; stop the bleeding … bust her heart … please please put back that piece of skull … help help” …GritzeRGritzeR …..oh my god Bill will be so pissed!”

We're home with another HRI. Returning to port, Ladies and gentlemen good night. .